YouTube Is Introducing Video Transcriptions To Its Android Users


In YouTube Android app is introducing a handy feature that will let you watch the full transcription of any video on the app itself. This feature was previously limited to the desktop version of YouTube. But now it’s available to Android users as well.

Android Police reports that the feature adds a new “Transcript” section with a ‘Show Transcript’ button below the video description. Tapping this button opens the full transcription of the current video with a timestamp.

With this cool feature, users can now easily search for specific parts of a video and save their time. Within a few days, all the android users will get this feature on their youtube app.

The company has brought this feature in android mobile. if this feature is available to you then you can click on the “Show Transcript” button below the detailed description of videos, chapters, and suggested uploads from your channel.

This Transcript option looks the same on a desktop as well. but the one on mobile has been changed a bit to fit the UI. It allows you to scroll through a full script on your phone so you can read along or jump quickly to a specific section or timecode.

(Photo: Android Police)
Youtube transcript
(Photo: Android Police)


In the above screenshot, you can see that everyone can now navigate through the video transcript either by scrolling through the transcript window or by jumping directly to a specific timestamp.

ThisĀ  YouTube Android app feature is rolling out via a server-side update. That means everyone will not get this feature immediately, You need to wait a bit. Once it’s available, you should be able to see a “Show Transcript” option under the video you’re watching.