6 Best Video Players For Windows 11 (2022)

Best Video Players For Windows 11

In this post, we will discuss many of the most feature-rich video players for Windows 11 that are definitely worth looking into. The title of the piece gives you a hint as to what you can expect from the content.

Most of Windows 11‘s customizable functions are being missed as the operating system makes improvements day by day. The application known as Windows Media Centre is one of them. Windows users were able to play videos in DVD format and other video formats hassle-free thanks to an application that came pre-installed with the operating system. Windows has eliminated the application because of licensing problems associated with the MPEG2 codec.

You may now play your local video files using the default media player in Windows 11, which is called “Movies & TV”. Here, you can purchase or rent movies and videos, and you can even play your own video files. However, it is not capable of playing certain video formats that are included on DVDs. These include 2K Videos, 4K Videos, and Ultra High Definition Videos.

Despite the quickly growing popularity of video streaming services, millions of people still choose to consume information offline, and when this happens, you need Video Players For Windows 11 to help you out.

Since these Media Players are compatible with the majority of popular video formats, you will be able to watch all of your favorite movies and television shows using them. Therefore, in no particular order, here are the best media players that are compatible with Windows 11.

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Best Free Video Players For Windows 11

Generally, you’ll need third-party software to play these video types. All of these best free video players for Windows 11 are capable of playing a wide range of formats.

#1. Movies And TV

The default Windows 11 video player, Movies, and TV is the next entry on the list. Movies and TV is a great option for casual content consumers who only watch shows and movies every now and then.

To view subtitles while watching a video, open an SRT file in Movies & TV and it will play back seamlessly. Movies And TV’s user interface is one of its most appealing aspects. The video player is seamlessly integrated into the rest of Windows 11’s native programs.

In terms of restrictions, Movies And TV does not natively accept MKV and MOV formats. You’ll need to buy extensions from the Microsoft store to playback support for these file types.

#2. PotPlayer

PotPlayer is one of the greatest free video players on the market. In the event that you locate a video file format that Pot Player does not support, it will automatically download and install the necessary codecs and play the video back.

Additionally, PotPlayer has an in-built screen recorder and video editing tools that you may use for free. Potplayer’s hotkey support makes it easy to control media playback with a single command. Last but not least, PotPlayer can be installed on Windows XP to Windows 11.

#3. KMPlayer

A simple video player that is nonetheless superior to the default Windows 11 video player, KMPlayer, should be your choice. You may easily add external codecs to KMPlayer if you wish, and it supports the vast majority of common music and video formats.

KMPlayer’s video capture feature allows users to snap screenshots and store them as jpg files while viewing videos. Damaged or corrupted video files can also be played back by KMPlayer. You may also use KMPlayer to play your DVD and Blu-ray discs on your Windows 11 PC if you have some laying around.

#4. VLC Media Player

You should use VLC Media Player if you want a free video player that can play any video you throw at it. Video files up to 8K quality, as well as compressed file formats, can all be played back using this software’s incredibly flexible capabilities. Finding videos that VLC Media Player won’t play is the actual issue, not getting them to play in the first place.

Video playback settings and features are many in this free video player. Video settings can be tweaked to enhance playback and audio quality, and filters can be applied to individual clips to alter their appearance. With VLC Media Player, you may watch movies with subtitles synchronized with the audio.

#5. GOM Player

When it comes to playing back videos, GOM Player has a slew of useful features. As well to being able to view YouTube videos on your PC, the software also supports 360-degree and 8K videos. As compared to competing video players, the settings for modifying video playback are a lot more user-friendly when you’re just getting started with the software.

If you’re looking for one of the greatest free video players on the market today, this one offers a searchable codec library that allows you to playback any form of video. Synchronous subtitles are supported, and playlists in the *.pls or *.asx format can be imported into the player.

#6. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is one of the most popular media players after VLC. Using VLC Media Player on a PC or laptop can cause problems, so try Media Player Classic instead. It’s also completely free to download and use.

Both the audio and video quality on offer is rather good. You can play DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and other formats. Nonetheless, since 2017, this software has remained unchanged in terms of features and development. However, its efficiency and dependability make it a viable option.


There are a few additional software programs that you might look into using for the video files that are in DVD format. Anyway, if you want to try out some popular video players, below are some suggestions. You can watch any of the movies you download on your device.

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