WhatsApp’s new feature will allow you to transfer data from Android to iOS

WhatsApp's new feature will allow you to transfer data from Android to iOSUntil today, WhatsApp had been experimenting with the ability to sync chat history between Android and iOS devices, but today the feature was made official. While third-party data transfer tools do exist, they are not always free and can be finicky to use when attempting to move conversation history between ecosystems.

This approach is only available on WhatsApp’s support site at the time of this writing; you’ll need to use the Android-to-iPhone tool in order to do so. Both the sending and receiving devices must be running the most recent version of WhatsApp. To ensure a smooth transition, you must either keep your old phone number or alter it before making the switch. The receiving iPhone must also be fresh or factory reset to work correctly.

WhatsApp has worked with Apple to piggyback its Move to iOS software in order to successfully move WhatsApp data to an iOS phone based on the procedures outlined in the instructions… There are several options for transferring your account information, profile picture, chats (individual and group), media files, and WhatsApp settings. You cannot send WhatsApp call logs or peer-to-peer payment messages.

It has long been a major point for customers switching between iOS and Android to not be able to bring their WhatsApp conversations with them. Many messaging programs allow you to access your  whatsapp data messages and conversations from any device. WhatsApp is only compatible with one phone number and one smartphone device. Recently, WhatsApp enables linked devices to view, send, and receive messages even if their respective hosts aren’t online.

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