How to Improve Android Battery Life (100% working)

Do you have a problem with quick battery drainage on your phone? If you want to improve your Android phone’s battery life, then read this article.

best Tips To Improve Battery Life

As we all know, smartphones have become the most important part of our lives. We do many things on our smartphones, such as online shopping, paying bills, ordering food, and staying in touch with clients for feedback.

But what if we are out somewhere and cannot charge our smartphone because using it frequently leads to a quick battery drain, and we cannot afford to stop our work? As we become more and more dependent on smartphones, increasing the battery life has become very important.

We have also felt the battery issue in our day-to-day life, and after trying various solutions, we have found some of the best solutions to increase the battery life of your Android smartphone. Once you try them, you will start seeing results and your work won’t be interrupted. So let’s take a look at the best solutions that will help increase the battery life of your phone.

Best Tips To Improve Battery Life Of Android Phone

Improving battery life is not a difficult task; we just need to pay attention to certain things. But if you are reading this article, it means you are facing this problem and want to improve your phone’s battery life. Don’t worry, these tips will give you the best results, just read and follow them carefully.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness 

The biggest reason for your battery to drain quickly is high brightness. Many people use their phones at 100% brightness which is not good for the phone, and it also has a negative impact on your eyes.

Almost all Android phones have the option of auto brightness which you can use to adjust the brightness of the phone according to the ambient light. This will help you conserve your battery and also reduce the strain on your eyes.

2. Turn Off Unused Features

Most of us tend to ignore these things and don’t pay attention, and as a result, our battery drains quickly. Unused features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data, Bluetooth, and other features that we turn on but don’t turn off can also drain the battery.

Turning off these features when you’re not using them can help prolong your battery life. If you’re somewhere where you can’t charge your phone, this trick can be very helpful for you.

3. Use Dark Mode 

Using dark mode is one of the best ways to save battery life because bright colors and bright themes consume more power, which drains the battery more quickly. Many websites and apps now offer a dark mode feature, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Chrome.

If you want to use dark mode, we have given the steps below that you can follow to turn on dark mode on your Android smartphone.

  1. Go to the Phone “setting”.
  2. Click on the “Display” option.
  3. Now select the “dark mode” option and toggle it on.

You can also turn on the “dark mode” by searching for it in the Settings search bar or by swiping down on the display to access the notification bar where you will find the dark mode option.

4. Turn On The Power-Saving Mode

The most effective and quick way to save battery is to use the power-saving mode on your phone. This mode automatically switches your phone to dark mode, stops background apps from running, and turns off unnecessary features.

This model is designed to extend the battery life of your device, and most people tend to use it when their phone’s battery level reaches 15% or lower. At this point, your phone will usually give you an alert notification to turn on power-saving mode.

You can also keep it always on or activate it at a higher battery percentage than 15%, as we explained in the steps below.

  1. Open the Android device’s “Settings”.
  2. Go to the “Battery” option.
  3. Now Turn on the Battery Saver.

5. Turn off auto-sync

Auto-sync automatically syncs your data in the background, such as emails, apps, and browsers, to keep you updated. Although this feature is quite helpful in providing us with timely notifications, it significantly drains the battery of our phones.

We have given the steps to turn off auto sync below, but before turning it off, you should know that after turning it off, you will not receive any notifications and you will have to manually go and refresh the data.

  1. Open the “Setting” app.
  2. Go to “Accounts & Sync”.
  3. Turn off the “auto sync data”.

Last Word

These methods will be helpful for everyone, so start following them in your daily life. In the future, we will try more methods and update this article, so if you find these tips helpful and want to learn more, bookmark this article and follow us on social media. We share information about all our articles there as well.

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