Google Warns Android Users To Update Microsoft Teams ASAP

Google Warns Android Users To Update Microsoft Teams

Google has sent a warning to Android users about the highly popular Microsoft Teams app. Last month, a terrible bug was discovered in the Android version of the Microsoft Teams app. It could block calls to emergency numbers.

It was initially thought to be blocking calls to US emergency numbers only (911). Now Google has revealed that calls to other emergency numbers – such as 999 in the UK and 112 in Europe – can be stopped.

A full resolution to the problem is coming to Android handsets with the January 2022 update. But in the meantime, Google has issued an email to all users urging them to update their Microsoft Teams app.

Only a few Microsoft Teams users are still at risk – anyone updating the app after December 10, 2021, is protected from the dreaded bug.

The problem is due to an unexpected interaction between the Microsoft Teams app and the underlying Android OS. So head over to the Google Play Store and immediately update to the latest version of Microsoft Teams.

Mishal Rahman(former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers) highlighted the email in a Twitter message:


Mishal Rahman tweet-the android guru

If you updated the Microsoft Teams app after December 10, 2021, you can ignore this email.

The latest version of Microsoft Teams for Android was released on December 18th with this build 1416/

Chances are you’ve probably activated automatic updates on your Android device. which means you’ve already installed the latest team patches. If not, just head over to the Play Store and click the Update button in the Microsoft Teams app.

As Google explained, this dreaded bug won’t affect all users – some pre-existing conditions need to be met in order for the glitch to happen.