Google launches Gemini app for Android in India with Multiple language Support

Google launches Gemini app for Android in India

Earlier, we could only use Gemini AI on Android 12, but now Google has launched it for all Android phones.

If you use an older phone with Android 10 or 11, you can now easily install Gemini AI on your phone and enjoy the AI chatbot.

Now Gemini AI is Available in India

The latest version of the Android Gemini AI app, v1.0.626720042, can now be used on any phone in India with Android 10 or 11.

If you already use Gemini AI on the web, simply go to your Google Play Store and install the Gemini app.

Use Gemini AI in Multiple Language

Users can use Gemini in multiple languages: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Gujarati, and Kannada. It allows users to provide prompts in various formats such as images, text, and audio.