How to Fix the App Not Installed Error on Android Phones (2022)

How to Fix the App Not Installed Error on Android PhonesWith just a few clicks, most Android apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed on a user’s device. However, there are situations when you’ll want to use an apk file extension to download apps from somewhere other than the Google Play Store itself.

When you try to install an app from a source other than the default Google Play Store, you may be faced with the disturbing “App not installed” message. Unlike many others, this may not always be a problem with the software or an app, but rather with the device itself. Read on to learn more about when this problem arises and how to fix “App not Installed” in Android.

Causes Of The Problem?

#1. Insufficient Storage

The ‘App not installed’ pop-up occurs if your Android device is overly full, causing the package installer to malfunction. Corrupted or improperly mounted SD cards or internal storage cards might also cause storage to get congested, resulting in the App not installed error message.

#2. Application Permission

While it is possible to have apps running in the background that restricts access to third-party installation sources, this is not always the case and may cause the error notice.

#3. Corrupted App

‘App not installed’ pop-ups can be caused by a corrupted file or by modifications to some of the app’s essential files, two common causes. Rechecking files while installing can help to avoid downloading files that aren’t needed.

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Best Ways To Fix ‘App not Installed’ in Android

1. Restart your Android phone

Restarting your Android phone is one of the initial steps in fixing the problem. To restart, close all open apps and press and hold the power button for an extended period of time. Hopefully, this will fix most of the problems your device is experiencing.

2. Check Phone Storage

You should verify your phone’s storage capacity before installing any major app or game. Installing apps will fail if your phone doesn’t have enough internal memory.

#1. Check the size of the file you want to install.

#2. Now go to Phone Setting and Search for storage.

Note: Each phone has its own layout so finding the storage option in the search bar is one of the easiest ways to do it

#3. Click on the storage option and Check if your phone has enough space.

Note:  If you have space on your phone then try other methods.

#4. If you don’t have space on your phone just go to your gallery or apps section and delete the unwanted stuff from your phone.

3. Clear Google Play Store App Cache

Cache files are gathered by Google Play Store in order to keep track of your search history and personal information. When the app maintains a corrupt cache, you may see installation issues. To remove the cache for the Google Play Store, follow the directions mentioned below.

#1. Go to Setting > Apps > Manage Apps > Google Play Store.

#2. Click on the Clear cache and Clear data option.

4. Corrupted App

The most common cause of an app not being installed using Android apk files is a corrupted app, which is the most common cause of this issue. The solution to this problem is as follows:

#1. Download the app from Play Store or any trusted site.

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#2. Once you download the apk from a trusted site then go to file manager > download.

#3. Click on the apk file and install it on your phone.

Important Note

If you tried all of those solutions and none of them worked, it’s likely that the problem cannot be fixed. It’s possible that the problem is caused by incompatibility between your device and the app, or if your device is running an extremely outdated version of Android (most app developers stop maintaining their apps for older versions of Android). Therefore, the following choices are still available to you:

  1. You must first wait for the app to be made available on the Play Store before you can download it from that site.
  2. You should get in touch with the app’s creator (the description of the app will provide you with the developer’s contact information).
  3. Install another app as a replacement for that one. There are millions of different apps available for download from the Google Play Store. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble finding a superior replacement for the app you’re attempting to download.

I’m curious to know whether or not you were successful in resolving the “App not installed” error. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. In addition, if any of the options presented above did not work for you, please leave a comment below. Please get in touch with me if you have discovered an additional answer to this problem and are interested in passing it on to others; if I can incorporate your answer into this piece, I will.

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