5 Best Expense Tracking Apps For Android in [year]

whether we like it or not, budgeting is a need. Whether we like it or not, budgeting is a need. The process can be simplified with the help of our list of the best Android expense-tracking apps.

Best android Expense Tracking Apps
Best Expense Tracking Apps For Android

In today’s world, the ability to keep track of spending is important. Keeping track of business spending is essential for self-employed people come tax time. A well-planned budget may help anyone, not just the wealthy. Thankfully, you can keep tabs on your spending through a virtually infinite variety of methods.

Although the banking app on your phone can be useful, there are other dedicated apps available. Here are the best free Android apps for tracking your expense and saving money, whether your goal is to avoid trouble with the IRS or to simply have a handle on your finances.

List Of [year]’s Best Android Expense Tracking Apps

  • Expensify – Expense Reports
  • Money Lover – Spending Manager
  • Monefy – Budget & Expenses
  • Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker
  • EveryDollar: Budget Tracker

1.  Expensify – Expense Reports

Expensify is a great app for monitoring business costs. There are a number of useful features, such as the ability to scan receipts, that may be used to keep tabs on your business’s spending with this app. New user interface components were added in 2021, but veteran users complain that the app is now trickier to navigate than it was before.

In any case, the app’s primary function is to keep tabs on spending. Many people may get by quite fine with the trial version. Enterprises are the primary users of the premium membership.


2. Money Lover – Spending Manager

Another lovely app that can help you keep track of your spending is called Money Lover. Although it has a lot of bells and whistles, such as budgeting, foreign exchange, interest calculation, and more, we found it to be a fantastic app for manually adding and managing costs.

The SMS app can also automatically detect transactions when you link them to your bank account. Money Lover is a great app, and we especially liked the bright symbols and charts it used. A simple widget can be added to the home screen to show the current balance in your account.


3. Monefy – Budget & Expenses 

It’s also worth mentioning that Monefy is a really useful app for organizing your personal finances. Manual entry of all of your financial transactions is required. If you simply care about tracking certain categories of spending, you can do it with greater ease.

Also included is the option to communicate with another user, support for multiple currencies, a rather detailed budgeting tool, and integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It’s not overly complicated, but it does what it needs to.


4. Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker

Wallet’s exceedingly straightforward name reflects the product’s uncomplicated function. It lacks fancy extras that other apps offer, but that’s because it doesn’t require them. Simply download and connect to the app with your Google account to begin keeping track of your spending.

Wallet Budget Expense Tracker android app
Wallet Budget Expense Tracker

After you’ve set up your profiles, you may choose to display only the sections you regularly consult and hide the rest. To help you avoid going overboard, Wallet includes a budgeting section and a place to record your savings objectives. The fact that there are no ads to interrupt your viewing is icing on the cake.


5. EveryDollar: Budget Tracker

In addition to Mint and PocketGuard, Every Dollar is a reliable tool for keeping track of your income and expenditures. The app provides a number of useful features, including the ability to establish personalized monthly budgets, keep tabs on spending, and schedule automatic bill payment reminders.

After initial setup, the app’s straightforward design and use become immediately apparent. Although it focuses more on planning than on actual spending, it is nonetheless a useful tool for keeping track of freelancers’ earnings.


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