10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps For Android in [year]

These live wallpaper apps help you to personalize your android smartphone.Best Live Wallpaper Apps For Android

In Android, you can customize your phone as per your choice. There are many apps available in the Google Play Store to change the look of the phone like icon customization, font style, widgets, and much more. But most of us are interested in customizing the home screen and always try to find the best wallpaper for the smartphone.

Recently live wallpapers are becoming more popular and look awesome on smartphones too. That’s why we’ve selected the ten best Android Live Wallpapers apps out of tons of apps. let’s look at these live wallpaper apps.

List of [year]’s Best Android Live Wallpaper Apps

  • Paperland Live Wallpaper
  • Forest Live Wallpaper
  • Asteroid
  • Chrooma Live Wallpaper
  • 4D Live Wallpaper
  • Particle Live Wallpaper
  • Live Wallpapers – Walloop
  • Wallpaper Engine
  • Water Garden Live Wallpaper
  • Earth & Moon 3D Live Wallpaper

1. Paperland Live Wallpaper

You can get Paperland Live Wallpaper for free, and it will make your phone’s screen look like a landscape made completely of paper cutouts. You can change not only the time of day but also the weather because the app is linked to AccuWeather.

The free version of this app has three different wallpaper themes: silent night, grassland, and desert migration. If you decide that you need more, you can get an upgrade.


2. Forest Live Wallpaper

There are many beautifully animated live wallpaper options available in the Forest Live Wallpaper app. It’s adaptable to the elements and comes with special holiday treats like twinkling stars and fireworks for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Furthermore, it offers night settings that can make your wallpaper easier to see in low light. Despite the app’s lack of regular updates, it remains a top choice among Android users as a live wallpaper.


3. Asteroid

The ASTEROID app gives you complete control over your live wallpaper, allowing you to change the color of the background, the type of asteroids displayed, and the asteroid’s colors, among other options.

It’s not just a standard live background app, it also features a static image option that rotates through a new picture every ten seconds. Those looking to save battery life without sacrificing lock screen fun will like this feature.


4. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Android Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaper is a great app if you like abstract wallpapers. Every time you return to the app’s home screen, the wallpaper has changed. Parallax 3D depth is created via the background forms’ slight movement.

I really like how the colors and style are inspired by Google’s Material Design language, making it seem and feel natural on Android smartphones. Users who prefer clean, uncluttered wallpapers will also enjoy this app.


5. 4D Live Wallpaper

Android 4D Live Wallpaper–HD Wallpaper

You can access the best AMOLED 4D live wallpapers in this app called 4D Live Wallpaper. There are a wide variety of settings for different people’s preferences, including fantastic 3D depth effects on live backgrounds.

The fact that it has so many beautiful backgrounds while yet being quite efficient in terms of battery use is icing on the cake. In addition, if you’re a techie, you can get wallpaper that responds to your phone’s sensors.


6. Particle Live Wallpaper

android Particle Live Wallpaper

The Particle Live Wallpaper app is also high on my list of preferred wallpapers. It’s kind of similar to Automs HD in that you control the behavior of a whirling cloud of particles via your phone’s touchscreen.

However, the forms here are much different from those in Automas HD, and you have more leeway in choosing the hues of the particles. The upshot is that this is an essential app for anyone who enjoys particle-inspired wallpapers.


7. Live Wallpapers – Walloop

Walloop is a modern take on the classic wallpaper app. This is not a single live wallpaper, but rather a collection of many. You can look through AMOLED, seasonal, natural, anime, and abstract categories, among others.

The app is one of the few reliable places to find 4k live wallpapers, as it supports a wide range of resolutions up to that point. There are adverts and in-app purchases in the app, but neither is particularly intrusive or annoying. The collection of live wallpapers here is worth checking out.


8. Wallpaper Engine

If you’ve ever used the wildly successful Wallpaper Engine on Steam, you’ll recognize this app as a companion of sorts. The app can be purchased for $3.99 on Steam, after which the user can make their own custom wallpaper and use it on their Android device by transferring the wallpaper via the app.

The process of making your own custom live wallpapers may be time-consuming, but this app is one of the few that can do it. Moreover, user-created live wallpapers can be imported into the PC app. It’s not too old, and it does its job very well.


9. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Those who enjoy water will enjoy the Water Garden Live Wallpaper. The water ripples and the fish are attractive, and there are a variety of natural settings to enjoy. It can feel like there are constant, unwarranted water splashes. But a lot of those features can be adjusted to your preferences.

It is also compatible with tablets. Actually, there isn’t that much to this. Just some fish and water splashing around in a pond. That’s all there is to it, it’s just super sleek and attractive. The item is free and ready for your pickup. There are in-app purchases for further functionality.


10. Earth & Moon 3D Live Wallpaper

The Earth & Moon live wallpaper bundle is a must-have for any space wallpaper fan. The app provides a real-time 3D view of the planet, moon, and clouds. Amazing 3D parallax effects are induced with the help of your phone’s gyroscope.

Camera angle, parallax effect, motion, and other options are all modifiable. I am positive that you will like using this app. If you’re looking for live wallpapers with a Google Earth aesthetic but don’t like what this app offers, you can learn to make your own.


Last Word

These are the best live wallpaper apps that we found interesting. I hope you liked this article and chose the best app for you. If we missed any live wallpaper app then do let us know in the comment section. You should also check out some other Android games and other apps.

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