5 Best Safe APK Download Sites for Android (2022)

Best Safe APK Download Sites for AndroidSometimes it’s not possible to install apps from the Google Play Store. In some cases, an app developer may have removed the app from the store or geo-blocked it. This means that the only way to get that particular app for your phone is to sideload it using its APK (Android Application Package).

Google, on the other hand, is said to have stopped using APKs and instead adopted AABs (Android App Bundles). However, the switch from APKs to AABs will not be immediate for all apps. A third-party website is now the only way to sideload popular APKs on Android. Here we have listed the best safe Android APK download sites.

Why do you need to download APKs from trusted sites?

An APK file is an app’s installer package. Downloading an app from the Play Store does not provide access to the APK file, but the app does get downloaded to your phone and installed. All the security is handled by Google.

It ensures that the software is free of malware and does not access your personal information. Whenever you download and install an APK file, the app will be installed and given the permission it needs. It’s impossible to tell if the APK is secure or exactly what it says it is.

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Wrong APK files may contain Trojan horses that are used by cybercriminals to infect your phone with malware. As a result, you should only download APK files from trustworthy APKI download sources.

Best APK Download Sites for Android

In this article, I will provide a list of the top websites that can be used to get APK files. You don’t need to put much thought into the process when you download apps from any of these APK download sites. These websites make sure to protect user’s personal information and privacy.

1. APK Pure

APKPure is one of the most well-known websites that offer APK downloads. This website also provides a secure platform for users to obtain APK files associated with Android applications. Additionally, safety measures are taken into consideration, and this website adheres to all applicable guidelines.

In addition to this, they check the program’s hashes to guarantee their integrity. They use cryptographic signatures in the same way as APKMirror does in order to validate the authenticity of APK files. If they can’t check the legitimacy of the APK, they won’t publish it.

They obtain the screenshots, app descriptions, and app metadata from Google in a direct manner. There is also an Android app available for download from APKPure that can be used as an alternative to Google Play on your phone in order to download a variety of programs from APKPure directly to your phone.

Pre-registering for future app installations is possible with APK Pure. This means that if a new program is published, you’ll be able to download it right away. Allow notifications for APK Pure so that you’re always aware of new updates.

2. APK Mirror

APKMirror is another popular website for downloading APK files, and it’s also the website that I use when I need to get the APKs of various apps. The well-known Android news website Android Police is the one responsible for maintaining this website. Every APK file that may be downloaded from this website is risk-free.

They have a group of people who go through and check the validity of each APK file before it is uploaded to the site. As part of its verification process, a website verifies both the new and prerelease versions of apps’ cryptographic signatures. In the event that they are unable to verify whether or not the APK is legitimate, they will not publish it.

The website not only provides a listing of the most recent APK files but also allows users to download earlier versions of the applications they use. Before installing an older version of the app, however, you need to ensure that automatic app updates are turned off. If you do not opt-out, the Google Play Store will automatically install the most recent update on your device.

3. APK Downloader

The name of APK Downloader is quite self-explanatory. It does exactly what it claims to do. To find an app and download its APK, all you have to do is enter a search term into the website’s search bar.

Most of the Google Play Store’s free apps and games may be found on this page. Apps and games can also be sorted by their respective categories, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for

All the APKs featured here are safe to download because they are taken directly from the Google Play Store. App photographs and information are also retrieved via metadata. They’ve organized apps by category and provided a search box to make it easier to find certain programs.

SHA1 and APK signatures are properly shown in order to help you determine if an app is safe. If you’d like to use an older version of an app, you can do so here.

4. Aptoide

Use the Aptoide app store to get the most out of the platform. For Android TV, Aptoide’s App Store works well because it offers direct app installation through the TV’s remote. Using the Aptoide app store, you may explore and download all of the free apps and games that are available.

In addition to Play Store, Aptoide is a great resource for getting Android apps in the APK format. More than 200 million people utilize the website, and it claims to have served more than 6 billion downloads. As an alternative to Apple’s App Store, this website offers an app that can be downloaded on a smartphone.


Mod APKs can be easily downloaded from here provided you’re up to date on the latest trends. Social media or technology-based trends are possible. Every popular app that you can find online has been broken by them. The website was created with a user-friendly interface in mind.

Searches can be broken down into specific subcategories. Everything from premium PDF readers to health apps may be found on this site. In addition to that, you can request specific apps, and if they are able to bring them out, they will.


If you want APK download sites, we recommend using one of the sites listed above. However, these are not the only options. If you know of any more safe APK download sites, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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