5 Best Puzzle Games For Android In 2023

Challenge your mind and test your puzzle-solving skills with the best puzzle games for Android.

puzzle games for android

Puzzle games are very popular in this genre of games. It is played by all ages.

It is the best way to exercise your brain while having fun, and you can also make your free or boring time fun.

You can also test your skills in games to see how sharp your mind is. All the games have their own levels and tricky puzzles that are going to be fun for everyone.

As the levels are completed, the level of intensity and creativity will also increase, which will add to your enjoyment of the game.

For all puzzle lovers, here is a list of the best offline puzzle games for Android.

List Of 2023’s Best Puzzle Games For Android

  • Dungeons of Dreadrock
  • Brain It On
  • Mekorama
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Samsara Room

1. Dungeons of Dreadrock

Dungeons of Dreadrock is timid. It has the same roaming around dungeons, avoiding attackers, and running for the door feel like another similar overhead tile-based puzzle game. In a certain sense, it is actually the case.

Dreadrock has a much better design and is much more entertaining. This is clear from the game’s opening moments, in which one of the 100 single-screen challenges has you avoiding huge monsters while playing in real-time.

You exhale a sigh of relief after making it safely out of the exit, but then you realize the monster is right behind you. The intensity of the game increases. The entire duration of the game is filled with surprises and simply clever puzzles.

Download Link: Dungeons Of Dreadrock

2. Brain It On

The engaging puzzle game Brain It On challenges you to use innovative thinking to advance through each level. You add lines, shapes, weighted items, or anything else you think will help each screen by using your finger or a stylus. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

As you advance through the more than 200 levels, the challenges and creativity increase.

Stars are granted for completing each level, doing it within the allotted time, and using the fewest number of forms possible. Future levels in the free edition can be unlocked by obtaining stars. Advertisements can be removed and hints added.

Download Link: Brain It On

3. Mekorama

A genuinely charming robot navigates blocky dioramas in the 3D puzzle game Mekorama. The robot is one of the essential elements of the game that makes it so memorable despite having only one big eye and no speech because of its unexpected capacity for emotional expression and its adorably incredibly cute flexible, floppy limbs.

It’s very easy to play, all you have to do is tap the screen to move your tiny mechanical friend around, swipe to the sides to rotate the levels 360 degrees for a better view, and drag the circle-icon-marked bricks or pieces of the levels to rearrange them and make new courses through them. Your aim is to lead the robot to each level’s finish line.

Download Link: Mekorama

4. Hello Neighbor

One of the most original puzzle games for smartphones is called Hello Neighbor. You wish to investigate your neighbor’s strange behavior. So you repeatedly break into the residence. After every break-in, the neighbor builds barriers depending on your methods of entry and escape.

Your tactics must be modified properly. The mobile version of this game, which was also quite well-liked on the PC, functions almost exactly the same.

With this one, there are also thriller and horror components. This one is quite pricey. The price makes the criticism a little tougher. The game is still enjoyable and has a novel concept, though.

Download Link: Hello Neighbor

5. Samsara Room

We won’t reveal anything about the plot because the unspoken story is a major draw. All you need to know is that, beyond its innocent pastel green walls, the room you are in is way more than it appears.

Don’t feel terrible if you need to use a walkthrough since sometimes you’ll need to really stretch your brain muscles to connect the dots.

You can play the game by solving one small puzzle piece at a time, or you can sit down for a long period on a rainy day and solve the mystery all at once. Samsara Room takes between one and three hours to complete, not counting any time you could get stuck. You must not miss out on this fantastic mystery.

Download Link: Samsara Room

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