5 Best Android Apps To Turn Photos Into Art and Paintings (2023)


Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Are You looking for photo editing apps? In the world of social media, everyone wants to look good, everyone wants to upload their best photos on social media. But somewhere we need editing skills to edit our Photos but most of us don’t know how to do it, maybe that’s why you are reading this article.

Don’t worry, in this article we have covered the top 5 best photo editing apps that will turn your photos into art and painting. We have tested a lot of photo editing apps and selected the best photo editing apps for you. Choose one of the 5 apps that we have mentioned below and you are ready to post your awesome photos on social media.

We have a lot of apps in 2022, with the help of these apps we can easily convert our photos into the best art and painting. Now we don’t need software like Photoshop for small needs because these apps are very easy to use.

In these apps, you will get lots of stunning filters which convert your photos into painting styles and also gives you huge varieties. You can impress your social media friends, with your cool, beautiful and creative photos.

Best 5 Photo Editing Apps For Android

In our list of photo editing apps, you will get the best apps suggestions that will turn your photos into professional painting and Art. Below we have described everything about the app’s features so read properly and choose according to your preferences.

#1. Prisma – Download

This app is one of the best apps to convert your photos into paintings. It also won the “App of the Year” award a few years back. You’ll find over 500+ painting and art-style filters in this app, which means you have tons of options to transform your photos.

Prisma filters
With the help of this app, you can easily turn any of your photos into a painting masterpiece. In Prisma, you will get new filters once a week which means you will never get bored with filters.

Prisma effects
Prisma will apply in one click and show you a final image. You can also change the intensity of the filter from 0 to 100. it also provides a simple editing option where you can change your photo’s exposure, contrast, saturation, and much more.

Prisma Basic Editing
There are lots of filters available in the free version but Prisma has a premium plan too. In the premium plan, you can get a lot more premium filters.

#2. GoArt – Download

This is another app that helps you to turn your photos into great art and painting. In GoArt you will get a great feature where you can customize and print the art that you create. It will automatically fulfill all the issues of your photos and turn into a masterpiece.

GoArt Painting Effects
This app has AI technology that will convert your photos into a great artistic piece. You can create very clean and quality photos but it may take a few minutes to process. just like Prisma, GoArt also allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter effect.

GoArt Art Effects
There is one drawback to this app which is the watermark. After editing the image you will see that your image has a watermark that you have saved. If you want to remove the watermark you have upgraded to the premium version.

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#3. PicsArt – Download

Our next app in the list of best 5 is PicsArt. This app is more like mini photoshop which you can use on your android device. In this app, you have filters, collage options, paint effects, and more.

Picsart Collage
It is a combination of multiple apps, which means you can change all the photo editing apps which you are using to make collages or filter effects, you can do everything in this one app. You can also edit videos and add effects to them.

Picsart video edit

It offers much different painting and sketching options with the help of which you can easily convert your photos into sketches and paintings.

Picsart painting effect
The best part of this app is the tutorials, it also gives helpful tutorials that help you to edit for realistic photos. This app is free to use for everyone but if you want more effects and an ad-free app then you have to pay for it.

#4. PhotoLab – Download

Photolab comes in fourth on our best 5 apps list but it also has some great features and effects that you will definitely love. In this app, You can make funny photos, creative and artistic photos.

photolab app
with this app, you can make your social media page more attractive and beautiful. This app has a huge collection of attractive effects, funny photos effect, and more than 900 plus effects like photo frame options, montages, animated effects.

The best part of the app, you can easily upload your edited photos on social media. You can also share them with your friends. If you love filters then Photolab has a huge collection for you, just try them out and choose as per your requirement or taste.

#5. Art Filters – Download

This is our 5th app suggestion which also has a unique feature like other apps. In this app, you will get vintage filter effects that turn your photo into van gosh painting.
Art Filters has tons of effect styles like artistic effect, pop-art, oil painting effect, carton effect, sketch effect, and a few more.

Art Filter
This app has more than 200+ filters that convert your photos into wonderful art. You can also take Hd Selfie with the app. The best part of this app, you can easily remove background from your image in just one click.