Windows 11 update will introduce support for Android apps

Windows 11 update will introduce support for Android apps

If you’re a Dev Channel insider, today’s scoop is an old hat. But for those in the release preview ring, there’s good news: Android apps on Windows 11 are here.

Announced on the official Windows blog as of January 26, 2022. Android Apps Preview on Windows 11 Now Available in the U.S. The release is available in the Preview channel for Windows Insiders.
Note- Anyone outside the U.S. will have to wait for more updates.

It’s not all Android-focused news that Microsoft has dropped. Android app support is getting a public preview in February. Lest you think this early Christmas Android news is over, it gets better: The age-old question of “when will the Surface Duo get Android 11” has also been answered since Microsoft recently announced that the Update has been released.

In other words, if you’re excited about Microsoft taking your time in the sun for Android-related content, now’s the time to break out the tanning lounger.

All this news comes out of the tail of Microsoft’s better-than-expected FY22 Q2 earnings report. However, given that most of their recent quarters have been better than they anticipated, it’s hard to say if they aren’t anticipating ahead of their expectations.

Most areas of Microsoft’s business efforts are flourishing, including the proliferation of Windows. Did you know that over 1.4 billion devices now have either Windows 11 or Windows 10? Or that Windows 11 has the highest product satisfaction rating of any version of Windows? It’s a good time for Microsoft.

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