5 Best App Lockers For Android in 2023

App Lockers for androidAs you all know that privacy is very important for everyone. The smartphones we use in our daily lives hold a lot of personal data, such as pictures, messages, social media accounts, and especially banking details.

Don’t worry because in Google Play Store you will find many app lockers which will keep your data safe. And in this article, we have covered some of the best Android App Lockers among them.

These apps give the option of PIN, Pattern, and Password to lock the apps. If someone tries to open your phone, after three attempts the app will take a picture of that person and send it to your email ID.

These apps also have many other features, which we have mentioned below, which will help you a lot in choosing the best app lockers for Android smartphones.

List of 2023’s Best App Lockers for Android

  • Apex Launcher
  • IVY AppLock
  • Perfect AppLock
  • SpSoft AppLock
  • Applock Pro

1. Apex Launcher

An outstanding launcher with an app lock feature is Apex Launcher. The launcher’s features are rather impressive and include many customizations, icon pack support, different effects, and the ability to conceal some components, such as the dock or status bar if you wish them to be invisible.

Additionally, some app security features include the capacity to conceal apps from the app drawer and an app lock feature with a password protection layer for added security. This one and Smart Launcher 5  are ideal alternatives to standalone app lock apps because it’s always a little better if it’s built into the launcher rather than from a dedicated app.

Download Link: Apex Launcher

2. IVY AppLock

IVY For Android, AppLock is a well-liked app locker that offers a variety of features. AppLock keeps things comparatively simple while providing some of the most necessary features, in contrast to some other app lockers that go overboard with functionality. Almost any app you want to secure may be locked with this app.

The app offers password, pattern, and PIN locking for apps. Use the app’s invisible pattern lock and randomized keyboard for additional security. You can also lock your private images and videos in addition to apps. Additionally, the app will automatically take pictures of anyone who tries unsuccessfully to open a protected app.

Download Link: IVY Applock

3. Perfect AppLock

Any app on your device may be protected with a PIN, pattern, or gesture password using Perfect AppLock. You can lock up your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet data in addition to using third-party apps. It contains a “Screen Filter” function that lets you control the brightness of each app’s screen individually, as well as a rotation lock to stop unintentional screen rotation.

After three unsuccessful tries, the built-in camera can snap a picture of that person just like other lock apps. You may also lock incoming and outgoing calls, and it can show false error messages on restricted apps. The app is ad-supported and all of the features are free.

Download Link: Perfect Applock

4. SpSoft AppLock

A good choice for applocks is SpSoft AppLock. It has a fingerprint, pattern, and password-locking options. For those who have fingerprint scanners, that is good news. Like many, it will take a selfie of users who attempt to use your apps but are unable to. It also includes a tonne of entertaining extras.

Rather than the standard 3*3 grid, you can change the appearance of your pattern unlock to appear on a grid of up to 18*18. If you choose, it will also display a false error message in place of a lock. Even when using particular apps, the app will keep your screen on if you choose. In addition to supporting more than 30 languages, it’s a good choice.

Download Link: SpSoft Applock

5. Applock Pro

Another Android app locker that you might look into is AppLock Pro. It offers a tonne of options to meet your needs. Apps may be simply locked, and the software supports pattern, PIN, fingerprint, and even knock code authentication. Like many other Android app lockers, AppLock Pro can photograph users who attempt to open your secret apps.

You can even disable alerts and create a false error message with AppLock Pro to deter anyone from attempting to launch your closed apps. Invisible lines for pattern locks, support for themes, a phone cleaner, and other features are also included in the app. You can test out this feature-rich Android app locker to protect your personal data.

Download Link: Applock Pro

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