Our First look at Android 13 “Tiramisu”

Android 13 first look

(Pocket-lint) – The first early details of Google’s next major smartphone software update have been revealed. it appears that Android 13 will handle annoying notifications.

In Android 13 – codenamed ‘Tiramisu’ – It appears that each app will be required to deliver notifications when installed as a subscription feature, rather than having them turned on by default.

The hint was caught in code by XDA Developers, who found a runtime permission to “publish notifications”, which indicates that apps must first ask you if they can send notifications.

This means that notifications may be among the earliest apps to set up pop-up permissions such as allowing the app to access your camera, mic, and location details.

Another new addition has been discovered that shows the ability to choose a language on a per-app basis. So, if you want to read all your news and surf the web in Spanish. but use apps like WhatsApp or Telegram to communicate primarily in English. you can have each app in your own language.

Lastly, it appears that Android 13 is also going to allow users to turn on a change in the appearance of the lock screen clock. It’s not a big change, but it will mean that placing a bigger clock in the middle of the screen won’t be the only option.

Considering that we are almost a year away from the official release of Android 13. There is always the possibility, these new features may not be there when it is finally available to the public.

The first developer previews are likely still months away, they may not even be in that first beta for developers. Plans change, and software features often appear and then disappear between development and final release.


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