Android 12: All New Features which You Need To Know

Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating system by Google, and billions of people are using this operating system. Now Google has released Android 12 which gives you a personalized, secure, and seamless experience on your device. It has also completely revamped its UI which Gives you a whole new experience. Android has now become a more secure OS with its new privacy features that will help to protect your personal data.

Let us find out what are the new features in latest version and which feature makes us curious about Android 12?. For that, You need to read this article and also share your thoughts in the comment section. We have written some “Android 12 New Features which You Need To Know”.

Some New Features In Android 12

  • Color extraction

The os extract the color from the wallpaper you set on the phone and os uses this for the theme. You can see these changes in your smartphones such as notifications, settings, widgets, and also in the apps you have selected.

  • Easily Switch phone

You can transfer your important data from your old phone to a new phone with the help of a cable or a shared internet connection. You can transfer your data without any hassle.

  • Scrolling screenshot

Android 12 is giving you the scrolling screenshot option. you can extend your screenshot beyond the screen. You can capture all the data of the page in a single picture by scrolling screenshots. Simply, you have to take screenshots as usual then by clicking on the Capture More option you can take a full-page screenshot, Also if you want to crop then you can.

  • Widgets

In android 12, you can put your favorite person’s conversation widget in the middle of the home screen. Widgets look even better with the home screen because of the theme in Android 12. You can see the widgets in the color of the theme.

  • Privacy Dashboard

The Privacy Dashboard lets you know when your applications have accessed your location, camera, and mic in the last 24 hours. If you find something that is not right, then you can fix it by going to Manage Permissions there.

  • Location Permission

Some applications want to know your exact location and some applications want to know the nearby location. In Android 12, you can choose whether to specify an Exact location or a Nearby location.

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